Container Delivery: Today’s Best Choice for Cargo

Posted on May 09, 2019

Container Delivery

container deliveryShipping containers are a common sight, whether they arrive at their destination via boat, air, truck, rail, or another form of transportation. That’s because container shipping and container delivery are cost-effective, standardized processes that have many benefits to businesses.

Standardized Container Delivery

Container delivery works because everyone knows what to expect. Shipping containers are rectangular, easy to stack and lay out, and are fabricated adhering to standardized, universal measurements. The International Organization for Standardization set sizes for shipping containers back in 1961 and infrastructure has been shaped around these dimensions. Typically, containers are 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 48 feet, or 53 feet, standardized across the globe.

In practical terms this means that a shipping container can go from a carrier to a terminal to a warehouse, no matter what route it takes, without having to be repackaged. The container itself is loaded and moved around, because it is standardized. This means the items within stay safe and secure, and the cargo can move through the system efficiently.

No matter what items you have, and how unwieldy they may be when loose — boxes, cartons, and so on — they are easily packed into a container which becomes modular, thanks to its standardized dimensions.

Container Delivery Cost Savings

Shipping and receiving via container is affordable, for several reasons. First, the container itself is what stores the items and the documentation for the shipment, as all of the pertinent import and export information is usually imprinted on the container. There’s no need to go digging for details, which means lowered costs and faster transport time. The containers are often reused or can be repurposed, which is a cost savings versus packaging that is discarded.

The container acts as a barrier against the elements, theft, and other issues that could delay or damage a shipment, which means your business will not have to pay out for something that deteriorates, breaks, or is stolen. Container delivery encompasses a wide variety of goods, from commodities to liquids to perishable items. Specialized containers like open top or flat rack add to the versatility of this shipment method without increasing the price substantially.

If a shipment cannot move right away, containers act as a temporary storage warehouse for themselves, or are easily stored and transported elsewhere until they can be shipped. Again, there’s no need to unpack or reload items, as the container houses its own contents. Your business will save money in this regard, as you will not have to scramble to find alternative warehousing arrangements.

Labor costs are often reduced through container delivery, as the standardized sizing and related equipment can be automated in many ways. All of this adds up to lowered costs for your business, and thus, your own clients or customers.

Choosing Container Delivery

As your New Jersey container transport experts, we handle all aspects of warehousing and distribution, including import and export via container delivery. We are here to help you determine which container size is best for your needs, how to transport the container, and we also handle the physical logistics of container delivery. We will strip, stuff, and transload containers, providing quality service and competitive rates to each and every one of our customers.

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