Quality Warehouse - About Us

About Us

Third-Party Logistics Provider

Quality Warehouse and Distribution, a world-class third-party logistics provider based in Edison, New Jersey, has over 40 years of combined expertise in public warehousing, freight transportation, rail shipping and receiving, container delivery, and export/import logistics.

In 1982, the transportation operation of Quality Warehouse was established, followed by warehouse operations in 1987. Our services are customized to your warehouse and transportation requirements. Our rates are competitive and we are committed to excellence, and our rates are affordable and competitive.

Quality Warehouse offers:

  • Over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • 24-foot ceilings
  • 32 loading docks
  • Full sprinkler system
  • Electronically monitored system for fire and burglary

Our Edison, NJ facilities specialize in:

  • Standard pier containers
  • Overweight pier containers that meet your import/export needs
  • Rail transportation services
  • Rail siding for stripping and stuffing rail boxcars

Our freight transportation and import/export services include:

  • Less than truckload
  • Truckload
  • Short haul
  • New Jersey local transportation
  • Pier container pickup and delivery

We are a general commodities and contract carrier service provider between all points in lower 48 states and our freight transportation services include:

  • Truck load
  • Distribution
  • Warehouse space

For more information, please call us at

732-476-3151 or contact us online at info@qualitywarehouse.com.