8 Advantages Of Using Rail Transport

Posted on January 28, 2021

empty railroad in autumnGet back on the rails. Transportation lies at the core of commerce. Being able to move products on-time leads to sales and high-profit rates.

When most companies think of transporting goods, they think of road transport. Yet road transport is far from perfect. There’s another means of transport that businesses should consider: rail transport.

The advantages of rail transport over road transport are substantial. Here are eight that you should know.

1. Rail Transport Is Environmentally Friendly

Rail transport is an environmentally friendly way to transport goods. Freight railroads make up less than one percent of American greenhouse gas emissions. If twenty-five percent of truck traffic went by rail instead, greenhouse gas emissions would fall by thirteen million tons every year.

Rail transport is also more fuel-efficient. Railroads move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles per gallon of fuel. This reduces dependency on foreign energy and conserves fuel for other resources.

2. Rail Transportation in the United States Is Safe

Rail transportation is far safer than other kinds of transport. Tens of thousands of car and truck accidents occur in the United States every year. Billions of dollars of cargo get damaged or destroyed, even when an accident doesn’t occur.

Fewer than 2,000 train accidents occurred in 2019. Only four people were killed in train accidents for the whole year. Trains provide consistent safety with minimal risk to life and cargo.

3. Rail Transport Provides Long-Distance Travel Without Breaks

Trains do run on time. Schedules are regular, with shipments running around the clock. If you want to ship something at night, you can through rail transport.

Railroad drivers travel in teams. When one needs a break, another member can step in for them. Truck drivers usually travel by themselves, meaning that when they take a break, the shipment stops.

Trains can be timed to avoid congestion. Traffic congestion can occur at any moment on a highway, especially during rush hour. Without congestion, trains get to their destination on time.

Inclement weather does not affect railroad lines. Snow and rain can shut roads down and cause accidents.

A train can travel thousands of miles before stopping to refuel. A truck stops far sooner to refuel than a train does. You can complete intrastate and interstate shipments by rail within a shorter period of time.

4. Rail Transport Is Perfect for Bulky Goods

Bulky goods are always difficult to transport. They have to be lifted onto the vehicle, tied down and checked to make sure they haven’t broken.

Railroads are perfect for transporting bulky goods. Smooth and clean rail lines do not cause bumps. Bulky goods can remain on vehicle beds without breaking.

Trains can be directed onto rail siding. This allows employees to add or remove objects with ease.

Trains do not start and stop, which can cause goods to shift. Train cars can carry hundreds of tons of material, far more than trucks can. Train cars also provide plenty of space for awkwardly shaped objects. Many railroad companies provide deals for bulky goods. This makes rail transport more cost-effective than other forms of transport.

5. Rail Transport Allows Easy Access to Cities

Many rail stations are hubs for business and commerce. Penn Station is based in the heart of downtown New York City. You can use rail freight transport to deliver goods directly to major retailers in the city.  Thousands of people come through train stations every day. Shipping goods by train allows people to see your logo. This encourages brand recognition.

Most major rail stations feature shops. You can offload products and bring them to the shops for sale. Visiting different rail stations allows you to network across the country. You can visit your offices in different cities, and you can meet with important leaders.

6. Rail Transport Builds a Historical and Innovative Brand

Many people associate railroads with tradition. The earliest railroads in the United States were built in the 1700s.

The Industrial Revolution in the United States ran through railroads. Coal and other mine products were shipped from coast-to-coast on railroad lines. These goods allowed new inventions and companies to be made.

When people think of railroads, they think of this long history of American innovation. Shipping products on railroads allows you to continue this history. This builds your company as strong and innovative. Incorporate images of the transport you use into your advertising. This creates a strong association between your company and the railroad.

7. Rail Transport Regulations Are Straightforward

If you are shipping across state lines, you follow federal regulations. The federal government regulates how long an employee can drive a train.

When you ship through trucks or cars, you follow different state regulations. States differ in regards to speed limits, limits on drivers, and other factors.  Your driver may not be aware of a state’s regulations. The police may pull them over, which delays the shipment and resources.

8. Rail Transport Is Cheap

Rail transport may have a high upfront cost. But in the long run, shipping by rail will save you money.  Since rail delivers goods faster than road transport, you can make sales sooner. You can make sales within train stations and depots, driving up your return on investment.

By being safer, rail transport eliminates costly lawsuits and medical bills. You can build your brand through the traditional image of the railroad. This lets you target audiences you haven’t targeted before.

Transport and Transform Your Company

Transitioning to rail transport isn’t jumping off the rails. Rail transport makes great business sense.

It is cleaner, safer, and faster to transport goods by rail than by road. Rail transport is perfect for bulk goods and quick delivery into cities. Rail transport lets you build a traditional brand, manage regulations, and save your company money.

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