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Rail Traffic & Transportation

National, Statewide, and Local Logistics

Rail Traffic Logistics (National)

For rail transportation and cargo transport between our Edison, NJ distribution center and points throughout the U.S., Canada or Mexico, consider the rail shipping and rail receiving services of Quality Warehouse.

We are an innovative, professional rail-served warehouse that specializes in delivering efficient rail freight transportation services.   Our managed freight service leverages our logistics knowledge, experience and partnerships on your behalf.

For help managing your rail traffic or transportation logistics or for more information, please call us 732-476-3151 or contact us online.


Transportation Logistics (Statewide and Local in New Jersey)

Quality Warehouse maintains a full-service transportation division from our public warehousing space in Edison, New Jersey. We’re able to handle your local and long distance freight transportation needs. Our major services include container delivery, rail freight services, and long haul and short haul transportation logistics. Whether your operation requires a continuous partnership or per project support, our intermodal freight transport services can be adapted to meet your specific objectives.


Third Party Logistics – Should you ship Rail, Truck or via some other method? We can help you decide.

Carriers establish their rates in several ways. The rates vary by length of haul, size of shipment and the product’s classification. The product’s classification is a number that reflects how easily the carrier can handle the product – for example, boxed product such as diapers would have a lower classification than products such as flagpoles, which might require individual handling of each piece.

Our 3PL team will work with your traffic manager or logistics coordinator to decide which mode of traffic – water, rail, truck or air – will best meet your supply chain requirements.

  • Air is the fastest but is also the most expensive. However, depending on product cost, size and weight, air is sometimes used to reduce overall inventory handling costs as the company may be able to reduce the cost of inventory on hand by instituting frequent air shipments.
  • Truck is less expensive and widely used.
  • Rail is usually even less expensive but requires a rail siding
  • Water is also less expensive but may not be convenient to the sites

Often a combination of ship, rail and container truck offers the best solution – low cost and direct delivery to even remote locations.


For more information, please call us at

732-476-3151 or contact us online at info@qualitywarehouse.com.