10 Reasons To Use Dedicated Freight Services

Posted on January 03, 2022

dedicated freight servicesOur customers use our dedicated freight services for all kinds of products and commodities. Industries from oil and petroleum firms to fruit wholesalers regularly take advantage of the many benefits of rail freight transportation.

Our Top 10 Reasons For Using Dedicated Freight Services

1. Reliability

Other transportation services are subject to delays due to weather, construction, and maintenance in a way that is not shared by rail freight. Rail freight is much more reliable than other transportation methods, which means that your business can be more efficient and more reliable. This will go down well with your customers and should reduce stress levels in terms of logistics.

2. Speed

Rail freight is typically faster than transporting goods by road. Generally, freight achieves higher speeds and is less subject to traffic or issues relating to drivers, transport infrastructure, and restrictions on driving hours.

More vehicles on the roads mean more congestion. Congestion means delays, which costs your business money and can lead to you having to deal with disgruntled clients. With dedicated rail freight services, however, your products can be transported much more predictably. Our trains avoid traffic jams, particularly at borders, because we have regularly scheduled rail connections. You can reduce customer dissatisfaction by taking charge of your logistics.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Our dedicated freight services help our clients be as efficient as possible. We can carry heavier payloads than other transportation methods, which is more convenient and saves money for the businesses that work with us.

And note that one of our freight trains requires a single driver to transport a load that would require 50 trucks. We can transport huge volumes with far fewer people than other transport companies.We also offer cost-efficiency through our flexibility. It’s easy for us to increase or decrease our capacities. So we can adapt our services to meet our clients’ needs without disruption or crippling charges.

4. Safety

A single freight train can transport the equivalent of many dozens of lorries. This reduces the number of lorries on the road, which is better for the safety of the lorry drivers that remain. Removing lorries from roads prevents casualties. And dedicated freight services mean that your products are safer too as they are transported by this more safely and reliably. Many sea containers are transported by rail freight, taking HGVs off the road, which is better for the environment and also improves the reliability of package delivery. Rail freight helps you to transport a wide variety of items of various sizes and with various requirements safely.

5. Tracking Capabilities

The great advantage of dedicated freight services is that they can be tracked. Information on where your goods are at any given time will give you a better idea of when they should arrive and how quickly the shipment may proceed through inspection areas, for instance. This will help cut down on delays and ensure customer satisfaction.

If you’re running a business shipping lots of different products, this will go down well for your customers because it should give them peace of mind that their items will arrive on time and undamaged.

6. Intermodal Capabilities

Intermodal capabilities mean that you’ll be able to work with different transportation methods at the same time. For example, if you’re sending a large shipment of goods and you’ve got limited space to work with, it might not be practical to send the entire thing by rail.

However, this technique can help split up the shipment into smaller parts to send them via various methods such as trucking and shipping. This is useful because it reduces the risk of damage to the goods, which can help to reduce costs.

7. Ability To Combine Shipments

You can bundle the services you need for your shipment as an easy method to get great deals. This could include shipping, handling, storage, and other related requirements that need to be met to ensure that your shipment is secure.

In addition, this can allow you to have more control over your deliveries, which could be a big problem with other forms of transportation. For instance, if a trucking company assembles a long haul for a rail shipment and gets stuck in traffic or runs into trouble along the way, the shipment could be delayed.

When dealing with a dedicated freight services provider, things should be much more reliable and organized because they have a lot of control over which routes are used at certain times.

8. Efficiency

Rail freight is faster than other forms of transport for long-distance shipments. That means you’ll be able to get your products to customers sooner, which will allow you to get on with other things while you wait for the items to arrive. Efficiency can be a great tool because it makes your business look more professional to customers looking for shipping solutions.

9. Customizable Options

One of the main reasons businesses should consider rail freight is that it has customizable service options for almost any shipping need you might have. For example, if you’re shipping quickly and in large quantities, there are dedicated service options for that. At the same time, if you’re doing long-distance shipping and there’s not a lot of urgency with your shipments, then rail freight can be perfect for this as well.

You’ll always have an option to meet your needs, and it’s hard to find something like this with other transportation methods. In addition, companies like this will only get better at their jobs because it will be easier for them to make necessary changes to make sure you’ll get the most out of your experience.

10. Sustainability And The Environment

As well as being more efficient than road transportation, using dedicated freight services has environmental benefits. Less particulate matter is sprayed into the air via rail freight than the equivalent amount transported by road haulage. Using rail freight helps to reduce CO2 emissions compared with transporting goods by road. This helps to curb the effect that transport emissions have on the environment.

Our dedicated freight services provide a great combination of reliability and predictability, cost-effectiveness, and speed. For any business that needs to transport goods, it’s worth considering your dedicated rail freight options.

We have more than 40 years of combined expertise in rail freight transportation, rail shipping and receiving, container logistics, public warehousing, and import/export. You can rely on us to ship your goods safely, reliably, and quickly. Get in touch to see what our dedicated freight services can do for your clients, your peace of mind, and your bottom line.